Jude is the extendable JavaScript library that provides the foundation needed to dynamically manipulate elements in DOM-compatible web browsers (currently Mozilla / Netscape 6 and Internet Explorer 5+).


Do we really need a new go-between? The DOM is supposed to rid the world of the shameful need for a JavaScript API, right? Well, not really.

A foundation

Just because the DOM is slowly taking the place of proprietary object models and therefore it's becoming easier to code DHTML applications doesn't mean we don't need an API/library. What it does mean is now we can do cooler stuff with one.

Our focus with Jude is to create a foundation on which we start building a DHTML application — a cornerstone for web pages. And while we're at it, there are plenty of browser quirks to work around: IE's non-standard event interface and incorrect box model; Netscape's dynamic CSS bugs and all-around incomplete support for dynamic style manipulation.

Not just new clothes

There are many sites where you can download JavaScripts to jazz up your web pages. You can download an elastic mouse trail script for instance. That's great; someone worked hard to show me the power of JavaScript and DHTML, but to me, adding that script to my page for the purpose of page content is much like thinking I can make myself more likeable and fun-to-be-around by putting on some Gap clothes. Just like real life, you must build from the foundation up.

The Jude library gives us a foundation to build some powerful applications. It provides a straight-forward method for interacting with elements on the page. In addition, it's also very extendable. Each add-on widget and extension has the ability to provide new events and tell you what's going on, giving you more power to interact with the user.

Sorry— no mouse trails

If you're reading about Jude to find some neat JavaScript “effects” to add to your page, you'll probably be disappointed. But, if you're here because you want a toolbox to give you the power to build a great DHTML application, you've come to the right place.