Who is Jude?

Jude was half-brother to Jesus Christ. He encourages Christians everywhere to be on their guard against false teaching.

In the first century, at the time Jude wrote his letter (the book of Jude in the Holy Bible), Christians were surrounded by immorality. In the Roman Empire it was fashionable for men to marry their sisters and engage in homosexual acts. Public bathing, and sexual orgies in the Roman baths were considered normal behavior during these times. Some so-called Christian teachers were even condoning participation in such things. From various sources, Christians were being drawn away from the purity of the Gospel. Jude warns against these dangers. (Howard Justice, Introduction to the book of Jude)

God has given me the opportunity and blessings to be creative. As I've been expressing here, much of my creativity is seen in the form of DHTML and JavaScript. I've found, though, that along with my freedom to be creative comes the freedom to sin. Jude reminds me to be different from the world — in a way that Christ is exemplified through my life — more specifically through my daily actions: including writing JavaScript.